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Can I use JAM Records' Copyright-Free Music on Twitch?
Yes, you can. You will never get a copyright strike/DMCA takedown on Twitch. As for VOD/clip muting, Twitch uses an automated system called Audible Magic. Audible Magic can mistake JAM Records' Copyright-Free music for other tracks and you may occasionally get a mute. This isn’t the same as a strike.

Can I use JAM Records' Copyright-Free Music on YouTube?

Yes, you can. Each track has been submitted and verified with YouTube and is safe and able to monetize. False claims still happen, whether it’s ContentID confusing it with another song, or a user falsely claiming they own the track. If that happens, please submit the information using the copyright-claims form. If you appeal the claim, it is up to the user who sent the claim to decide whether or not they want to release it and have the option to strike your channel as well.


Why aren't the download links working?

There is a limit to how many people can download tracks a day. Check back in tomorrow to ensure you can obtain the track of your choice.


Can I play JAM Records' Copyright-Free Music on Facebook Gaming?

Yes, you can but because Facebook also uses Audible Magic for music recognition more aggressively compared to Twitch, issues are more likely to happen for streamers unless you are a partnered streamer with them. We are working on a fix at this moment.

Can I use JAM Records' Copyright-Free Music on my podcast or any other type of content?

Yes, you can.


What CAN’T I use JAM Records' Copyright-Free music for?

You cannot use this music for commercial use. If interested in using it for games, movies, tv shows, etc., please contact us at

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